Lê Lan Vy

Selected Works
  1. Vypusť šum
  2. Adventura
  3. City Meets Ocean
  4. Švandovo divadlo
  5. Bateka
  6. Sounds of Vietnam
  7. Illustrations
  8. Hloubkové Vrty

Lan Vy is a graphic designer based in Prague with Vietnamese ethinicity. She is interested in social dynamics, analog experiences and human psyche.

Working both digitally and hands on is a win-win for her. She likes to be engaged in the creative process, where one has to test various materials, legibility, durability.

In her free time, she enjoys strolling in the city with headphones plugged in her ears, playing badminton, watching Amelie, running in the forest, reading Salley Rooney's books, crocheting, drawing portraits, swimmming, hiking early in the morning.


2. Adventura

Active travels to liberate your soul   
Branding Identity

            Adventura is a travelling agency, that offers adventurous outdoor activities (hiking, skiing, rafting and more) all across the globe. The agency emphasises on personal approach and creating authentic experiences. The notions of freedom, movement, individual approach are all reflected in the logo, in which the dot, representing the client, is able to travel all across the globe. The idea of the moving dot allows for the brand to be dynamic, fun and stay contemporary.